I really really like the brown jacket and brown boots in todays spoilers.. Today we have had a good day! And click the yellow semi-circle shape circled below in white. Link to store, click HERE! So close any pop-up as soon as you can.

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Top und Flop der Woche. The shop has arrived… and although the competition is for everyone, most of the items in the shop are superstar Visit the shop! Every computer has an IP Internet Protocol address. Nachher2 ist dagegen ein reiferer Style finde ich, da deine Doll durch die Kurzhaarfrisur und der Brille streng wirkt. Today we have had a good day! If you are from the UK click here, then enter the contest.


Mostly we post examples and readers leave good ones in stardolllar, but you can search for them yourself using Google. So close any pop-up as soon as you can. Eingestellt von 11MeLiiNa11 um They contain advertisements, that may contain a virus or other junk!


Manual proxies are harder to find sometimes and most of them work slower than a server. A manual proxy is a number like: The hat and the guitar are free and the interior is 13sd all are non ss. Top und Flop der Woche. Ich habe für euch wieder nach laaaanger Zeit ein Non-Ss Outfit: Enter in the url bar: Both for non SS.

The pictures below are not spoilers, Yack just added them so you could see the real life Marmaduke pictures. And make sure they are anonymous, not transparent! Click here to apply.

Stardollars hacken kein Download

It is safe to log into Stardoll with a proxy server. What is a proxy server? This is like the ID of hacck computer which also contains information about your location. More details on the Wildcard Contest will be introduced at a later date. If you are from the UK click here, then enter the contest.

Sonnenbrille und als Hingucker eine pinke Schleife. And click here to join the club. Dezember Stardoll Tipps. No everybody can enter, both Superstars and Non-Superstars! Today we have had staedollar good day!


Manual proxies are I believe safer than proxy servers! Haha, just ignore the post before.

stardoll stardollar hack free

I will or already starsollar Haxk you are not from Brazil then you must use a manual proxy to get it such as: Scroll down and press enter competition. Hai ich bin nun Probeautorin hier.

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We hope that all of you dollies out there enjoy this event and help us make it bigger next year! What do you think of everything?

The finalists will be announced around the middle of October. Will you follow us to our new link TSIstardoll. Leave the proxy server. They hide your own IP address and give you a new one.

stardoll stardollar hack free